If you are a connoisseur of Indian & Nepalese Cuisine, then the best Indian restaurant is The 8848, Stamford. Not only do we use the finest ingredients to make our dishes, we also use traditional Indian & Nepalese recipes, herbs, spices and condiments to create that authentic taste.

Special care is also taken in which we cook our food. Traditional Indian utensils like handi and karahi are used, and methods such as tandoor cooking are employed. These are an important part of authentic cooking and can make a world of difference when it comes to flavours and taste.

"we use the finest ingredients to make our traditional
Indian & Nepalese recipes dishes..."


  • The 8848 has to be the freindliest Gurkha restaurant I have ever been in, the service matches the food which is excellent Tony
  • Visited with family had a wonderful evening. The food was a high standard thanks to the chefs who cook fabulous tastes. Graham

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